The art on this website is divided into two categories: "Seaview" and "Other". The works are painted, created from ceramic or glass, or a combination of techniques and materials.

Previously, everything was separated by technique, but now my work has become so unified, so entangled with one another, that I've decided to arrange it by category; for example, "Seashells" and "Fish" within Seaview.

My pieces that aren't connected to the sea and sealife can now be found in the category Other; such as, "Dishes" or "Butterflies".

My choice in materials has expanded with the addition of paintings on glass and following a course on fire stained glass. With these techniques, my future work will be full of even more blended techniques and materials. Let's see what the future holds...

About Me

Since I could hold a pencil, I was creative and was already making many drawings. When I was older, I was more serious and searched for education in drawing and painting. More...



After a successful exposition in the Grote Kerk in Oosthuizen, it's time to start creating new pieces! Selling is great fun, but then you've got to get back to the business of creation. Not a problem; inspiration is still coming in droves so there is plenty to do in the years to come.

On a completely other note...I'm going to be a grandma for the first time ever around the end of August if everything goes as planned. Therefore, I will NOT be exhibiting at the art market in Hoorn this year; and all the other markets around those weeks that I had my eye on, for example in Bergen, will be pushed to next year. Of course, the reason is naturally wonderful and I can't wait!


Just returned from Sri Lanka; a land full of natural beauty, so much to experience.

At the end of our journey, we spent a few days on the coast and, naturally, I was even more in my element! Searching for shells, in all sizes and colors. Addictive...

What stood out was that the entire coastline was filled with larger and smaller pieces of coral. There's a reef right off the island and you could see that quite a bit had died off...the cause? A few days before, there were incredible winds, but that's probably not the only reason...

If you look at the structure of a piece of coral, you can't help but be filled with wonder for the origin and growth of the whole reef. For me, it was truly inspiring for future work!