The art on this website is divided into two categories: "Seaview" and "Other". The works are painted, created from ceramic or glass, or a combination of techniques and materials.

Previously, everything was separated by technique, but now my work has become so unified, so entangled with one another, that I've decided to arrange it by category; for example, "Seashells" and "Fish" within Seaview.

My pieces that aren't connected to the sea and sealife can now be found in the category Other; such as, "Dishes" or "Butterflies".

My choice in materials has expanded with the addition of paintings on glass and following a course on fire stained glass. With these techniques, my future work will be full of even more blended techniques and materials. Let's see what the future holds...

About Me

Since I could hold a pencil, I was creative and was already making many drawings. When I was older, I was more serious and searched for education in drawing and painting. More...



The months March, April, and May were uncertain, stressful months. That definitely did not put me in the creative mindset. When a bit more became known and a certain routine came about, the creative bubbles resurfaced once more and I was able to get to work. Also, because my agenda was virtually empty, things progressed well.

Meanwhile, the organization of Kunst in de Kas was not idle and I was commissioned to make a work about the Covid19 pandemic. The prompt: ‘How has it affected you and a one-liner to go along with your piece’. That led to my new piece "Long Live The Freedom" (“Lang Leve de Vrijheid”. In colors that I typically never use, but with the idea that, despite the limitations, I felt free! Personally a feeling of freedom of expression, of creative expression, and in comparison to the countries around us, still quite free to move.

From July 25 to August 30, 2020, my work can be viewed free of charge in the EXPOOST building on the Roode Steen in Hoorn, along with 10 more works by artists from Kunst in de Kas.


Hoorn Art and Culture is also having a very difficult time. The Art and Culture Markets in September (Art was Sept 6) also cannot take place, which is of course a huge drain on a lot of institutions. They are working hard to offer an alternative; so, keep an eye on the media!

They are able to still organize some exhibitions, of which the "Freedom" Exhibition is one. Friday, July 24, Councilor Kholoud al Mobayed will open it, unfortunately in a closed circle, and there, however appropriate and coincidental, my "Long live Freedom" will hang. (acrylic on canvas, glued with a glass fusion-worked panel, 30x40cm. Fishing, swimming partially free and some are still struggling to free themselves from the nets)

The artists of Kunst in de Kas almost all took part in the assignment and the results can be seen on the site. The participants of the exhibition "Freedom" can also be found there: