The art on this website is divided into two categories: "Seaview" and "Other". The works are painted, created from ceramic or glass, or a combination of techniques and materials.

Previously, everything was separated by technique, but now my work has become so unified, so entangled with one another, that I've decided to arrange it by category; for example, "Seashells" and "Fish" within Seaview.

My pieces that aren't connected to the sea and sealife can now be found in the category Other; such as, "Dishes" or "Butterflies".

My choice in materials has expanded with the addition of paintings on glass and following a course on fire stained glass. With these techniques, my future work will be full of even more blended techniques and materials. Let's see what the future holds...

About Me

Since I could hold a pencil, I was creative and was already making many drawings. When I was older, I was more serious and searched for education in drawing and painting. More...



THE war definitely did not put me in the creative mindset, but now the Spring is "in the air", and the creative bubbles resurfaced once more and I was able to get to work.

Our Art-Team Kunst-in-de-Kas has also their "Bubbles" and starts at April 23rd with an expo of 2 young artists, Eva van der Klei and Onno Roos. There is coffee,tea,...  and music, lots to see and hear! From 11.00AM-17.00PM.

At the moment I'm very busy with glass, and ofcourse you can see the results this year.... because my glass and ceramics can be viewed...

...on August 5 and 6, 2023, free of charge,  in an old church in Oosterleek !! from 11.00AM- 17.00PM.

Together with my friend Carin Korse, also member of Kunst-in-de-Kas.


Last year I was very happy with the results,

First the weather! couldn't be better...

The people were great! Lots of serious attention, and they were all in good mood.

And Max Verstappen won his race at Zandvoort, also good news, ha ha.

The "Art and Culture Markets" in Hoorn-downtown is this year,2023, on September 3rd. With many artists who will fill the streets with their ART.

I think it will be "Gedempte Turfhaven"again, it's free parking and from 12.00-17.00PM.