Anita Eijken- Kaan
Born in Amsterdam (1954), the Netherlands

Almost 30 years ago, I began my first drawing and painting lessons. First, with Marguerite Bogers (drawing and oil painting), then Rob Komala (watercolor), followed by Ton van Kesteren (all skills of paint/pencil and expression on paper), and Zhou Jun (Chinese painting).

I completed this with an education in ‘Visual Arts’ to expand my way of thinking and make a choice between different materials and techniques.

Eventually, I began with acrylics on large canvasses. For the last 10 years, I transitioned to mainly working with oil paints. Alongside my painting, I’ve had 16 years of lessons with Jannie van der Wel, a famous Dutch ceramist.

After much experimentation with forms and types of clay, I discovered that the craft combined beautifully with paintings. A ceramic floating frame made together with an oil painting on canvas; that was just the beginning. Everything designed and created by my own hand.

It expanded with “embroidered” ceramic bowls with partial paintings on them and wall pieces made from mixed materials and techniques. The designs are more often inspired by nature. Primitive shapes, landscapes, (details of) plants, animals, and inspiration from other cultures are the primary sources for my work. Lately, I’ve spent much time focusing on sea life; including, jellyfish, fish, and starfish or landscapes from the coastline. Through my many travels to far-away lands, my worldview has been enriched and formed; that has certainly influenced my work.

In my most recent work, I was searching for a way to incorporate transparency which was impossible with ceramic; therefore, I began exploring with glass. I’ve taken lessons with Ton van Looijen; learning and experimenting with the classic techniques. Recently, I also took a few lessons with Nataliya Vladychko on fire staining glass and have tested painting glass with this technique. Everything is coming together and I’ve chosen the direction for my future pieces. So, again a new step and evolution in my journey…


Organization for modern glass –
Ton van Looijen, glass –
Jannie van der Wel, ceramic –
Karin Sijp, photography –
Nataliya Vladychko stained glass, fire stained glass: